Butterflies are normally available in Spring time, the season of new and resh beginnings - hope, rebirth, realisation! They are always on the go and beautiful to watch. The saying ‘fluttering of butterflies in your tummy’ - potrays the tingling, sensational effect, not of nervousness but of enjoyment that Thembi will have on your soul - true enjoyment! This will remind you to stop, breath and admire the smell of the fresh roses, watch the birds and butterflies and escape to a place of tranquility that only mother nature can provide.

Thembi means hope, faith and belief - hope for a better life, belief that nothing is impossible. Inspired by this, the Belief label was launched in 2011 - our client had a Fairtrade opportunity in their portfolio - and asked Thembi to fill that gap. Fairtrade is big in Europe, it’s a pity it is not a category with Makro. I believe that charity begins at home, but should not end there. We should be the change that we want to see - we live in a global village, hundreds of tourists in Cape Town every

Opportunities exist in the UK, Scandinavia and Central Europe, apart from China, Korea and Russia. Thembi’s ambitions areto get distribution in all those countries. This would make it also easier for Makro to work with the brand.

Thembi is a 100 % black owned and Fairtrade company. Her vision stretches further than merely promoting a brand. She sees herself in the role of educator and wine ambassador for communities with no wine culture. There are an increasing number of women with disposable income and a hunger to try new things. As an entrepreneur she would like to inspire and empower other young up and coming black woman not to give up on their dreams, not to be intimidated by the fact that the wine industry is white and male dominated, but to be able to identify opportunities and strive on challenges - a trailblazer.

Thembi Tobie joined the wine industry in 2005. She won the FNB/Enablis Business Plan competition in November 2006. She was one of the first to be listed by Whole Foods in the US in 2007 - where she was challenged due to trademarks and registration

These challenges didn’t put her off and she recovered by starting over by rebranding with Boland Vineyard International in 2009 when she launched Thembi in the Netherlands in 350 stores, with one of the fourth largest importers. This message is portrayed in the look and feel of the design - the curve
shape represents the elegance and femininity of the brand.

The butterfly logo represents the brand itself or it’s character - the butterfly starts as avery tiny, delicate insect. It survives by protecting itself from its enemies. With luck it grows into a colourful, flying go-getter going from one flower to the next, where opportunities arise to gather pollen grains. It stands out as being bright and beautiful with big strong wings. Although feminine it is the picture of strength with pleasant floral aromas.



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